Energy Label


Le module “Energy Label” allows you to display the energy label of the items concerned on your site’s product and list pages.

Introduced by the European directive of 1992, the energy label aims to better inform consumers about the energy consumption of the appliances they use, and to encourage more responsible consumption by directing them towards the most energy-efficient products. At the same time, it aims to encourage manufacturers to innovate and produce increasingly energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly appliances.

In 2021, a “third-generation” energy label was introduced. This label represents a new classification of appliances, from A to G, more representative of the state of current technologies and the diversity of appliances.
It incorporates new, stricter environmental objectives, with particular emphasis on eco-design, repairability and recyclability.
The new energy label is also easier to read and understand for consumers, who are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the appliances they buy.

You can consult the list of concerned appliances here.


When installing, the module automatically creates a feature group “Energy label” as well as the possible feature values between A and G (as well as a N/A value in the case of an undefined class). However, if you want to use a feature group that you already have created, you can select it in the module’s configuration:

If you also want to display the energy label on your product listing pages (as required by European regulations), select “Yes” for the corresponding option:


Now go to the information file for each product covered by mandatory labelling. Assign it the “Energy label” feature and select its energy class:

In the “Attached files” section, select the complete energy label and product information sheet (EPREL database) provided by your supplier, which you will have previously loaded in the “Files” tab of the “Catalog” section of your back-office. The procedure is detailed here.

Check the “Energy label” box for the complete energy label, so that it can be accessed with a single click on the product’s energy class label:

When your customers click on the product’s energy class label, they’ll be able to download the complete energy label, either through the product page:

or from a product list page:

The information sheet will appear in the attached files section (where you’ll also find the complete energy label):

Module use

Product page:

By default, the energy label will be positioned below the add-to-cart button:

However, thanks to the widget mode, you can ask your developer to adapt the positioning of the energy label on the product page by positioning the module on a specific hook. Don’t hesitate to send him/her the link to the PrestaShop documentation.

Product list page:

After activating the corresponding option in the module, go to a product list page to see the energy labels displayed:

Add the energy class criterion to your filter module and allow your visitors to make selections based on the energy consumption of your products. For full compatibility, use our advanced filter module “Advanced Search 5”, or its Pro version to also work on your SEO, considering queries that include energy efficiency for example:

Display the energy label and repairability score by combining our modules

For certain categories of appliances, such as washing machines or TVs, you must also display the Repairability Score. Our “Energy Label” module is fully integrated with our “Repairability Score” module, which displays the repairability score for appliances subject to the regulations:

Don’t hesitate to combine the two for perfect compatibility!