Repairability Score


The “Repairability Score” module allows you to display the repairability score of your items on the product pages of your site.

The display of this score is mandatory in France since January 1, 2021 for certain categories of electrical and electronic products (see the list here).



When installing, the module automatically creates a feature group “Repairability score” as well as the possible feature values between 0 and 10 (with increments of 0.1). However, if you want to use a feature group that you already have created, you can select it in the module’s configuration:



If you also want to display the reparability score on your product list mages, select “Yes” for the corresponding option:



All you have to do then is select the right value directly in the edition of each product concerned:



Use of the module

Product page:

In 1.7, thanks to the widget mode, you can adapt the positioning of the score on the product sheet by positioning the module on a specific hook.

In 1.6 the score will be placed under the add to cart button.

Here is an example of the repairability score displaying on a product sheet (1.7):



Product list page:

If you activate the corresponding option in the module, you can make the repairability score of your products appear from the list pages.

Add the repairability score to your filter module and allow your visitors to make selections based on the repairability of your products. For full compatibility, use our advanced filter module “Advanced Search 4”