Maintenance Mode


Maintenance mode is an exclusive feature of some of our modules, which allows you to configure them discretely without needing to place your entire shop in maintenance mode
This mode uses the IP addresses you have defined under Maintenance in your PrestaShop shop. Only visitors with an authorised IP will be able to see the modules that have been place in maintenance mode.
This mode is available in the following modules:
– Advanced Background Changer
– Advanced Search
– Advanced Top Menu
– Advanced Tracking Wizard
– Modal Cart


You need to define the IP addresses that will be allowed to see the module on your shop before you place your module in maintenance mode.
To do this, navigate to Preferences > Maintenance.


Add the IP addresses you want to allow in the Maintenance IP field or click Add my IP Click. Save when you have made the changes
Go to the control panel of the module and click Maintenance to make it visible only to the visitors for whom you have added IP addresses. A message appears to warn you that the module is in Maintenance mode and your visitors will not be able to see it.

Once you have finished configuring the module, click Maintenance again to deactivate this mode and allow everyone to see the module.